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Tree Containers

Tree containers are often used to grow and flowering of trees. In most cases, tree containers are used for the import of trunks and long outdoor crops. At Royal Brinkman you can find a wide range of tree containers, which are also available on request with or without side and/or bottom holes.

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 Item no.TitleDescription  
530403085 Cont 2.5 ltr KPG-18 cm black
530403152 Cont 3.5 ltr KPG-20 cm black
530403104 Cont 3ltr KPG-19 cm black
530403216 Cont 7.5 ltr KPG-26 cm black
999700054 How do you choose the right pot?
530410011 K container 10ltr-27cm black 1200
530410036 K container 10ltr-27cm terracotta 1040
530412012 K container 12ltr-32cm pe black 840
530412002 K container 12ltr-32cm pe black 840
530412039 K container 12ltr-32cm pe terracotta 840
530412454 K container 12ltr-32cm pp light black
530412471 K container 12ltr-32cm pp light terracotta
530420211 K container 20ltr-34cm black 500
530420031 K container 20ltr-34cm terracotta 500
530420287 K container 23 ltr-41cm terracotta 360
530420279 K container 23ltr-41cm black 360
530420414 K container 30ltr-44cm black 360
530420431 K container 30ltr-44cm terracotta 360
530420813 K container 35ltr-40cm black 250
530420848 K container 35ltr-40cm white ZG 251
530407711 K container 4ltr-21cm black 3000
530405016 K container 5ltr 23cm black 2000
530405113 K container 5ltr 23cm black db 2000
530405032 K container 5ltr 23cm terracotta 2000
530405148 K container 5ltr 23cm white 2000
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Choosing the right material for tree containers

Each plant has different needs, using the right pot can increase the quality of your product. When choosing a tree container, there are a few things you have to take into account: the correct material, the size and the possible soil holes inside the pot. Our specialists will be happy to help you make the right choice!

Buying tree containers

Tree containers are available in various formats, colours and sizes. Would you like some advice about the possibilities of tree containers? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.
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