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Plastic sleeve packaging with the Hebo Halter

With a Hebo Halter you can prevent flower and leaf damage. The efficient packaging equipment stand is easy to use, saving you time and money. Besides different types of Hebo Halters there are also plastic flower sleeves and plastic plant sleeves in different types and sizes.
  • Optimal presentation with the appropriate sleeve

    Flower sleeves and plant sleeves exist in various kinds and sizes, but also in different kinds of material. Each crop has different demands and it is therefore important to choose the sleeve that suits both these demands and your personal requirements. We will gladly advise you regarding this.

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  • How do I choose the right Hebo Halter?

    Royal Brinkman is an exclusive supplier of the Hebo Halters. Hebo Halters are suitable to seal plants simple and fast. The Halter prevents flower and leave damage and ensures a significant saving of labor, because of its easy way of working.

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CPP: Flexible material, easy to use. The number behind the material type indicates the thickness in microns. 
OPP: Hard, upright material. Number behind the material type indicates the thickness in microns.

Spare parts Hebo Halter

To work with the plastic sleeve Hebo Halter, you can visit royalbrinkman.com for useful tools and spare parts for your plastic sleeve packaging equipment. Our specialists also have written a handy article in which they explain how to choose the right Hebo Halter.

Plant and flower sleeves

Plant sleeves and flower sleeves are available in different types of sizes and materials. Besides the needs of the crop, it is important that you choose the sleeve that also fits your personal needs. Our specialists have listed all the points of attention
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