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Sleeve 50x30x12 CPP30 HN [1500]

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Sleeve 50x30x12 CPP30 HN [1500]

Item no. 728040353
box = 1500 piece(s)
pallet = 97500 piece(s)
Price available on request. You can send us your request by clicking on the button below.
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Sleeves: For the protection and presentation of flowers and plants. The size is always mentioned in gross size (= net size + a 5 cm block above the perforation strip). Sleeves are sold per box. All sleeves are antistatic.
CPP: Flexible, easy-to-use material. The number besides the material typ mentiones the thickness.
OPP:  Stiff material with a better presentation than CPP. The number besides the material typ mentiones the thickness.
LG: Sleeves with air holes.
HN: Sleeves with mini air holes.
BD: Sleeves with a botom seal. Sleeves for phalaenopsis also contain bottom holes.
Vsl: Seal contruction (in a V-shape) that can carry heavy pots.
GP:  Sleeves with a "Der Grüne punkt" logo. Used for the German market.
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