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Sleeve 40x42x35 OPP/CPP40 airholes (1200)

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Sleeve 40x42x35 OPP/CPP40 airholes (1200)

Item no. 724025421
box = 1200 piece(s)
pallet = 36 box
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In the product name of the sleeves are abbreviations, below explanation of the abbreviations:
LG: Perforated covers, with standard air hole pattern.
HN: Perforated covers with mini punched holes. Upper, and lower 5-10 cm of the net size are not equipped with Hot Needle.
BD: Sleeves with bottom seal. With phalaenopsis sleeves the sleeves are also provided with bottom holes.
Vsl: 2 sealing bars at the bottom in the form of "\ /", which carry the pot. Intended for heavy pot plants.
GP: Sleeves with Green Dot and PP logo printing. Intended for the German market (or IKEA).
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