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The department "Packaging and Design" is engaged in the sale and advising the items pots and containers, trays, pouches and foil. They are able to guide you trough the creative process of developing products which help you to distinguish from the competition. Whether it is a printed sleeve, printed pot, packaging material or a completely new corporate identity.

You can ask all your questions about communication and packaging to the department Packaging & Design. We all know that added value and distinctiveness in relation to your competitors is becoming increasingly important. The communication and packaging specialists help you develop your communication and packaging strategy. Our own designers at the Royal Brinkman Studio are able to create custom concepts. Whether it's a logo, corporate design or a complete marketing concept for your product. Royal Brinkman is the place to be.

We can also take over the complete logistics flow. You don't have to manage pressers, lithographers, designers and so on. You just place your order at Royal Brinkman and we control the entire process from concept to delivery. The products include: packaging (covers, pink foil, cardboard displays), commercial printing (letterheads, business cards, etc.), printed pots and containers, outdoor advertising (columns and plates), vehicle graphics, printed clothing - bags, tape and stitch and hangtags . The services are o.a .: communication consult, packaging advice, trend advice and designing logos, complete branding, packaging etc.

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Bamboo materialsLabelsSleeves and Packing equipment
bamboo materialslabelssleeves and equipment
Plant trays Pots and containersPackaging materials
Plant traysPots and containerspackaging materials


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Team Packaging & Design

Arjan van der Veer
Product specialist Packaging & Design
+316- 51 989 362
 Gerard Wessteijn
Product specialist Packaging &Design
+316- 27 746 936
Marja Scheffers
Graphic designer
+31174 - 446 424
 Joyce van den Berg
Graphic desginer
+31174- 446 459

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