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Your personal prices everywhere

We make customized arrangements with our customers. This allows you to see your personal prices in the webshop! The arranging of the prices will take place in cooperation with your personal account manager. When you request an access code, they make arrangements with you. The account manager will ask for products you will regularly withdraw and in which products you are interested in buying, based on your yearly needs

After the right preparation, you will receive an access code and you can get started using the Royal Brinkman Webshop. It does not matter if you order through one of our stores, by telephone, by e-mail or through the webshop. Your prices are equal everywhere. 

If you would like to order a big quantity of one product, it is possible to ask for a quotation on the webshop. This will be forwarded to your direct contact person. You can also specify your order in the webshop to be delivered even faster. How do you mean a personal webshop!

More information

Do you have any questions or concerns about the possibilities of the Royal Brinkman webshop? Fill in your details below. Our webshop specialists will contact you as soon as possible, on working days even within 24 hours.