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PHPro 25 l

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PHPro 25 l

Item no. 181801302
can = 25 liter
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pH Pro 25 Liter
pH Pro is a strong alkaline product, which means it can be applied if there too little bicarbonate available in the boiler nutrition water, in order to increase the level of alkalinity in the boiler water for the steam-boiler. pH Pro also can be applied into other water types, such as basin water with a hardness of up to a maximum of 18 ° dH.

pH stabilization:
Basin Water often contains a low pH and bicarbonate inadequate (low m - alkalinity) to provide sufficient alkalinity in the boiler water.
pH Pro increases the alkalinity of the boiler feed water and provides for precipitation of the hardness, so that there can be formed a sufficient alkalinity in the boiler.
Increased hardness stabilization and stabilization phosphate deposits:
Is provided by a sophisticated blend of polymers with different molecular sizes and molecular structure. Lime stabilization and the prevention of deposits are avoided by calcium and phosphate salts by polymers having a low molecular weight, which are highly tolerant to an increased calcium content.

Increased dispersion of pollution:
Is caused by a polymer having high molecular weight and extra lignosulphonate, a natural polymer.

Corrosion or corrosive inhibition in pre - boiler systems:
Will be provided by a phosphonate and oxygen binder. The phosphonate addition, responsible for the binding with free iron in the boiler feed water and prevents contamination of iron and iron deposits in the boiler and heating systems.

Physical Properties:
Appearance: clear solution
 pH (1% solution): 14

Dosage instructions:
Can only be used in closed steam systems and / or steam heating.
 Not applicable in steam systems with open steam vegetables and / or flowers and in steam systems for foods.
 In closed central heating systems < / a> useful to correct the pH. With the exception of systems which contain aluminum.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and face protection! At eye - or skin contact, rinse with water. In case of eye contact Call a physician. For more information, see the Safety sheets.

Transportation: Labelling:
ADR: 8- 42b Symbol: C Corrosive
 IMCO: - R - phrases 35.
 UN no: 1824 S phrases 2, 26, 37/39

For each crop protection chemical or biocide product the user must comply with the local legal conditions and regulations. Use crop protection products and Biocides safely. Always read the label and the safety data sheet.

This product will not necessarily be approved or authorized in your country.
Please check with the appropriate authority in your country as to whether you may legally use this product.
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