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Poseidon 8-1 1,25 m3/h

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Poseidon 8-1 1,25 m3/h

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The poseidon is a BZG approved purification installation developed by Moor Filtertechniek (part of the Van der Ende Group) in collaboration with Royal Brinkman. The Poseidon removes the sodium from the spray water with as much nutrient conservation as possible. This installation is the first purification installation that generates a saving and with as much nutrient as possible and makes an important step towards 0 emission. The Poseidon meets the requirements for spray water entering January 1, 2018.

The Poseidon is a compact purification installation, ultra filtration, nanofiltration and activated carbon. The ultrafilter acts as a prefilter for the nanofilter. The nanofilter permits sodium and protects plant protection and (nutritional) nutrients. The activated coal filter ensures that the last few percent of the plant protection are collected. The purfied water may then be discharged onto the sewer. The entire installation is PLC controlled and for optimal power consumption with 2 frequency controllers. The Poseidon has an internet connection. This makes it possible for us to remotely view the state of the membrane and see whether the active coal should be replaced.  

Optionally, it is possible to expand the Poseidon with an inverted osmis installation to concentrate the water and reduce the amount of water to be discharged by 80%. The clean ROwater is returned to the silo.

Wondering if the Poseidon is the best solution to meet the pollution requirements on january 1, 2018? Royal brinkman would be happy to help you make the right choice.

Benefits of the Poseidon for you

  • Comply with the legal requirements for spray water spray water discharging 
  • Reduction of sodium content in the drainage silo
  • Conservation of as many nutrients as possible (saving)
  • Easy to install (plug-and-play)
  • Installation is ahead of future regulations
  • Low operating costs, low power consumption and low maintenance costs

Environmental investment deduction
If you invest in the Poseidon, you can use the Environmental investment subsidy (MIA). The Poseidon fall under environmental code F2346 (36% MIA + 75 % VAMILDe Poseidon valt onder milieucode F2346 (36% MIA + 75% VAMIL).

Technical specifications

NamePoseidon 8-1Width1,6 meter
Purification capacity1,25m³/uHeight2,3 meter
Length3 meter

Construction ultrafiltration (UF)

UF modules2x Pentair Aquaflex 64m²
Power pumpLowara 10HM03P15T (1,5 kW)
Coil pumpLowara e-SHE 40-160/40/P25 (4 kW)

Opbouw Nanofiltratie (NF)

Membrane1x 8 inch nanofiltration membrane
PumpLowara 10SV07V030T (3,0 kW)

Activated coal (AK)

Housing3 x Pentair pressure bottles
Active coalCabot Norit granular active coal (GAC)

Control panel

  • According to current NEN-standard
  • Automatic control and security through a PLC
  • HMI-display for reading production permeate and concentrate flow and various pressures
  • Magnetic switches and frequency controllers for the control of various pumps

Optional (NEXUS mini reverse osmosis for Poseidon 8-1)

Membrane3 pieces Toray 4”
Supply pumpLowara 3SV19V022T (2,2 kW)
Permeate production1 m³/h


drain capacityDimensions (lxbxh)Dimensions (lxbxh) + RO
8-11,25 m3/u3 x 1,6 x 2,3 m3,5 x 1,6 x 2,3 m

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