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Anti-condense film

Anti-Condense film was previously mainly used to keep energy costs as low as possible. However, nowadays, Anti-Condense film is used to create a homogenous climate. Anti-Condense film is mainly used when the new crop is placed in the greenhouse. In this way, growers achieve a warmer greenhouse climate, which results in better results. Depending on the crop, you choose an Anti-Condense film with a specific punching distance. These punch holes ensure that moisture can be removed. Curious as to how Anti-Condensation film can assist your operations? Ask for an informal (digital) consult with our specialist.

Wondering which clip is suitable for your growing facility? 

  • How does it work?

    AC-film is processed film that makes sure that the condensation in a greenhouse flows out over the complete surface of the film. The moisture does not attach itself to the film, so the condensation does not drip on the crops.
    In recent years, the vegetable growers use AC-film already at the start of the cultivation, to create a warmer greenhouse climate for the younger plants. AC-film causes a lower loss of light compared with the moving screening installations. With purchasing and applying the AC-film, you should take into account some attention points.

  • Anti-condese film

  • Recyclable AC-film at grower Seasun in Kapelle, The Netherlands

    To save energy, grower Seasun in Kapelle has been using AC-film for years during the winter. However, the fact that this film was fastened with staples was a big obstacle: this meant that the plastic was not recyclable.

    In cooperation with Royal Brinkman, Seasun developed an innovative and sustainable fastening method. This allows the film to be reused and is therefore cheaper. Would you like to know more about Seasun's experience with the new AC-film? Then read on quickly.


Our assortment of AC-films 

AC2000 Gold is a clear Anti-Condense film that allows more light transmission. More light means more production. Vari-OP film features the same light transmission for extra growth light on the leaf surface. The difference, is that Vari-OP has less perforation on the start and end of the roll, that causes less drop in temperatures and enables a uniform temperature. This way, you can better adjust the climate in your greenhouse.

By adding EVA in both films, one can reach a higher tensile strength and also a higher energy saving. The Anti-Condense works on both sides of the film, this ensures an easy installation. The films can be provided with different perforations.

Advantages of Protective Film AC 2000 Gold
  A clear Anti-Condensation film which lets through more light;
  Through addition of EVA, one reaches a higher tensile strength and also a higher energy saving;
  The film is easy to install: the Anti-Condensation addition is on both sides, so a mistake can't be made.

AC2000 Gold Plano Perforated


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