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Save energy using Anti-Condense Film

Save on energy costs with anti-condense film!

The use of anti-condensation film is a measurement to keep the energy costs in the winter month within the limits. Royal Brinkman has a high quality anti-condense film AC 2000 Gold in its assortment with a good anti-fog effect. Condensation causes unwanted drips and unnecessary loss of light.

Royal Brinkman performed a lot of tests to test the anti-condense effect of different types of films. The quality of AC-Film is related to the results of the anti-condense effect. The effect is that there is a low amount of drips falling from the film. A high quality AC-Film should prevent condense for the whole period of use. That sounds logical but unwanted drips create a loss of light of 15%.

Curious as to how anti-condensation film can assist your operations? Ask for an informal (digital) consult with our specialist.

anti-condense film
  • Anti-Condense Film Extra Clear

    AC2000 Gold is a clear anti-condense film that allows more light transmission. More light means more production. Vari-OP film features the same light transmission for extra growth light on the leaf surface. The difference, is that Vari-OP has less perforation on the start and end of the roll, that causes less drop in temperatures trap and a uniform temperature. This way you can better adjust the climate in your greenhouse.

    By adding EVA in both films one can reach a higher tensile strength and also a higher energy saving. The anti-condense works on both sides of the film, this ensures an easy installation. The films can be provided with different perforations.

    Protective FIlm AC 2000 Gold

     A clear anti-condensation film which lets through more light.
     Through addition of EVA one reaches a higher tensile strength and also a higher energy saving.
     The film is easy to install : the anti-condensation addition is on both sides so never a mistake.

AC2000 Gold Plano

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