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Bumblebees in greenhouses are an effective way of pollination

Bumblebees of Royal Brinkman are produced by Agrobío which is located in Almeria, Spain. Royal Brinkman , together with Agrobío, is able to supply a full assortment of natural pollination and biological crop protection. Besides the production of bumble bees, Agrobío also produces  mites, wasps, bugs and other biological crop protection.

Bumblebee hives of Agrobío are known as highly active pollinators. There are two types of Bombus terrestris (the large earth bumblebee); a regular and a special summer hive, suitable for use in both glass and plastic greenhouses. An extra ventilation system in the summer version makes them suitable for high-temperature conditions. Agrobío also provides solutions based on the use of bumblebees in outdoor crops. Those hives are protected against climate influences by a special insulated package.

Advantages of bumblebee hives in greenhouses

 Increase in production
 Increase in quality
 Labor saving
 Less dependent on weather conditions

Pollination crops
Bumblebees can be applied in a lot of crops in greenhouses. The most important crops are:
Horticultural cropsFruit crops
Egg plantPear
Sweet pepperAlmond

Glass or plastic greenhouses

For glass or plastic greenhouses there are two different types of bumblebee hives available. The standard (winter) hive and the summer hive. The bumblebee summer hives are used under hot weather/temperature conditions in greenhouses.

The advantages of the bumblebee summer hive in greenhouses are:
 More capacity
 More ventilation
 Greater production

Open field production
Crops that are produced on open fields require a different type of box, which can protect the bumble bee hive against weather conditions like rain. Depending on the type of crop and the preference of the grower we have three different bumblebee hives available for open field production: single, double and triple bumblebee hives.

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