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CleanGate | The affordable hygiene station to prevent bacteria and virusesCleanGate logo

Employees and visitors unnoticedly bring bacteria, fungi and viruses into the greenhouse through hands and footwear. These viruses and bacteria can damage your crop, leading to loss of quality and (often) turnover. Keep bacteria and viruses out of your greenhouse as much as possible. Continuous and optimal corporate hygiene is crucial here. The CleanGate cleans and disinfects each individual's hands and shoes completely before the person enters the greenhouse. 
  • Benefits of using CleanGate
     Disinfected hands and shoes within 10 seconds
     Easy to maintain and clean due to its simple design
     The CleanGate can be used on either the right or the left

    Sounds interesting! I immediately want to know what the CleanGate can do for me.


Cleangate Assortment


  • Why is hygiene important?

    Diseases resulting from a virus in your crop are persistent and often difficult to control. Such a disease can caused by shoes and hands but also through water, clothing and tools. The impact that optimal greenhouse hygiene has on preventing it is not always clear. HortiHygienz is a total solution for corporate hygiene.

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The total solution for hygiene issues in horticulture

We believe that with optimal corporate hygiene, growers worldwide can maximize crop yields. HortiHygienz is deployable worldwide as a total corporate hygiene solution. Whatever the corporate hygiene question or challenge, HortiHygienz has the solution for you!

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