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Cleaning installation for through cleaning of your canvasses

Cleaning installation canvassesThere are several systems available for cleaning your pull out tarps. This transport mat cleaning installation is the most advanced in its type and gives you good results.
After removing your crop the soil and dirt are easily removed by brushes, scrapers and spray jets. The (preventive) cleaning of pull out tarps reduces the risk of any virus transmission. 



 2-sided scraping
 2-sided spraying under high pressure
 2-sided brushing 
 Unwinding with automatic alignment of pull out tarps
 Constant speed for a uniform cleaning result

The machine can optionally be equipped with a disinfection unit:

More information

For more informatoin about this cleaning installation, please fill in your contact details below. On workingdays you will receive a reaction within 24 hours. You can also contact productspecialist Jan Krouwer. 

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