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Flexxomat disinfecting mats

Keep pests and diseases outside your greenhouse with the Flexxomat

The Flexxomat disinfectant mat is the preventive hygiene solution for passenger and vehicular traffic in the food industry, greenhouses, agriculture and laboratories. For all greenhouses, we can make custom-made solutions to keep diseases out of the greenhouse. A request for advice is without any obligation. For all greenhouses, we can make a custom-made solution. If you're wondering if the Flexxomat is a solution suitable for you, fill in the form below and receive advice from our specialists.

✔  Manual or automatic filling
✔  Low evaporation of mixed chemicals
✔  Mats resistant to curling due to stability plates

Wondering what disinfectant mats can do to protect your crop? Ask for an informal (digital) consult with our specialist.

  • Choosing the right Disinfectant mat

    Before the purchase of a disinfectant mat, it is important to think carefully about its use. Will the mat be used intensively, will transport pass over it, or will it be limited to people walking on it? Flexxomat has a variety of mats available, but the first aspect to look at is whether you need a TT or PT mat. The difference is quite simple; TT stands for Transport & Tunnel and is designed for more intensive use and allows transport to pass over it. PT on the other hand stands for Personnel & tunnel, specifically designed for foot traffic.

    Menno Florades

    Menno Florades is a powerful horticultural disinfectant and is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and viroids. The disinfectant is often used in hygiene solutions and Flexxomats for the disinfection of feed and wheels.

Disinfectant mats for personal use and transport

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Disinfectant mat supplies

Quality Management Systems

Flexxomat is often implemented in quality management systems such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, GSPP and ISO22000. High care and high risk areas such as production facilities and growers are even better protected against the introduction of microorganisms and the possible consequences. The Flexxomat T and P are unique and can be used for various types of transport and movement of people. Through its innovative design and patented methods of reinforcement, the mats don’t have to be secured to the floor.

Save Labor Cost

To save labor costs and prevent running dry of the Flexxomats it is possible to equip the mats with a tunnel. The tunnel ensures that the mats can be used on with an automatic filling system. By means of a peristaltic pump or venturi pump.

Flexxolutions can build on years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial products. Flexxolutions its subtitle “Engineered Flexible Products’, indicates that it concentrates on customer-specific products, manufactured from high quality technical fabrics. But flexibility is also for the way in which they respond to needs as an organization and needs of our customers. A quick response to impulses from the market is linked to its ability to innovate and high product quality.

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