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Disposables are an important part of an optimal hygiene protocol
  • When it comes to hygiene in horticulture our HortiHygienz specialists give growers a complete and tailored advice. Disposables are an important part of an optimal hygiene protocol. Our assortment of disposables consists of:

    ✔ Disposable gloves
    ✔ Overalls and visitor coats
    ✔ Hair nets 
    ✔ Shoe and boot covers 

    Wondering which disposables you need for your growing facility? 


Disposable gloves 

HACCP disposable gloves are used for a variety of tasks in horticulture. The tasks can differ from picking and sorting leaves, but also preparing crops with protection agents or to protect yourself when using cleaning products in the greenhouse. All of our gloves are delivered directly from the producer and meet the quality standards demanded in horticulture.

All these activities require different levels of protection and therefore different types of disposable gloves. Our HACCP disposable gloves are available in latex, vinyl and nitril. All these materials are available both powdered and unpowdered.

  • Latex Gloves

    Our latex disposable gloves are made of natural rubber. They offer good protection against the transfer of bacteria and viruses. Other features are:

    ✔ Comfortable to wear
    ✔ Flexible material
    ✔ Not suitable for people with a latex allergy
    ✔ Don't combine with oil and grease 

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  • Nitrile Gloves

    Our nitrile gloves are a good alternative if you of your amployees are allergic to latex because they are made of synthetic rubber. Other features are:

    ✔ Stronger than latex
    ✔ Reusable
    ✔ Resistant to oil and grease
    ✔ Don't combine with ketones and nitrogen

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  • Vinyl Gloves

    Vinyl gloves are made out of PVC material and a good alternarive for latex, however it offers the least protection compared to nitrile and latex. Other features of the gloves are:

    ✔ Resistant to oil, grease, acids, and bases
    ✔ Loose fit
    ✔ Don’t combine with solvents and ketones
    ✔ Cheapest option

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Our assortment of disposable gloves

Overalls & guest coats 

Before going into the greenhouse, put on an overall or guest coat over your clothes. This prevents you from bringing diseases or pests with you when you go in or out of the greenhouse. Our overalls are available in large sizes and four different types. Also, the guest coats are of thick quality and available in a 40 gram version. 


Hairnets contribute to hygiene within the company. This is because visitors and employees can carry viruses, bacteria or other organisms with them without their knowledge. By hiding the hair in a hair net, you reduce the chance of contamination from outside and prevent hair from getting on the product.  We offer a wide range of hair nets including different colors and models. 

Shoe & boot covers 

Shoe and boot covers prevent dirt and bacteria from your shoes coming into contact with the crop while keeping your shoes free of splashing dirt and moisture. By sliding the covers over your shoes when entering the greenhouse, you easily reduce the chance of cross-contamination between different departments. Our cover shoe are available in a variety thicknesses and our cover boots are available in a big size and fit very well.


Our assortment of hairnets, shoe and boot covers:




The total solution for hygiene issues in horticulture

We believe that growers worldwide can maximize the yield of their crops with optimum hygiene. HortiHygienz can be used worldwide as a total solution for operational hygiene. Whatever the question or challenge in the area of operational hygiene, HortiHygienz has the solution for you!

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