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Create optimal climate for cannabis cultivation and save energy with the DryGair 

The DryGair dehumidifiers' concept helps to reduce the grower's expenses and contributes to better yield (quantity and quality) using less energy and less pesticides. Our solution enables the grower of cannabis to maximize the control of the climate conditions in the greenhouse and to reduce the humidity

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Advantages of DryGair
The advantages of DryGair are:
Savings on energy, up to 50%

More stable climate
Prevention of fungal diseases  
Reduction of CO2
Provides compacter growth conditions without growth inhibitors 

Drygair Cannabis

How does the DryGair works?
The unit is a combination of a dehumidifier and a heater. The used electrical energy and the released heat are both reused in the greenhouse. The condensed humid is drained or can even be used as process water.  

DryGair technique
Drygair technique1. The DryGair unit will be placed inside the greenhouse
2. Just an electrical connection is needed. 
3. The used power is 10 KW
4. No additional inflow of hot water.
5. The unit sucks in relatively moist air 
6. Inside the unit the air is dried.
7. The dry air will be blown back into the greenhouse
8. The unit drains 45 litres of water per hour
9. One unit is suited for 5000 m2 max
10. Drained water can be recycled

  • Discover what the experiences are with DryGair

    DryGair is a sustainable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to greenhouse humidity. Growers can utilize DryGair's dehumidification systems to control greenhouse climate conditions, improve growth, increase yields, prevent disease and molds, and save energy. 

    * This video contains recommendations and reviews from leading horticulture companies including Tikun Olam, Syngenta, Shorashim, and Zeraim Gedera. 

DryGair is the solution for removal of moisture

In March 2016 Marcel Vijverberg installed two DryGair units in 8,000 m2 of greenhouse. During the night the two units easily remove 800 litres of water. As a result heating and ventilation are no longer necessary. In addition to the lower energy bill, Vijverberg says he has a healthier crop, better climate and plant growth is more compact.

The unit sucks in moist greenhouse air, dries it by means of condensation and then blows the dry air back out into the greenhouse. 
The DryGair units were placed in the central path at the beginning of March 2016. They were used intensively in the period from March to May and Marcel Vijverberg is positive about the results. “While using the DryGairs we kept the windows shut for 10 hours per day, the screen remained closed and the air humidity stayed constant. Due to the vertical ventilation the conditions are much more even, creating a uniform climate. The CO2 stays longer in the greenhouse and furthermore the disease pressure is low. There is significantly less humidity in the greenhouse and that is noticeable in the reduction of algal formation on the ground sheet.”

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Eef Zwinkels is a product specialist for the DryGair. He was born and raised among the tomatoes and as early as in 1982, he started working in the horticulture sector, which he has done ever since. As such, he understands growers like no other. "My passion is being busy with marketing new techniques and developments regarding horticulture. Fortunately, this passion is very appropriate within Royal Brinkman."