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Grafting Clips for professional horticulture

To ensure strong plant growth by using the proper Grafting Clips!

Royal Brinkman has designed complete lines of grafting clips for all horticultural crops. The growing conditions of seedlings depend strongly on the light conditions and temperature. With grafting clips you ensure strong plant growth. The cucurbits have different grafting methods and for this reason we have designed different grafting clips for each method. Melons and watermelons can be grafted on pumpkin, squash or bottle gourd rootstock. Most used grafting methods are head graft or Japanese graft, and the approximation graft.

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Grafting clips

  • Types of grafting clips 
    Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of grafting clips for different kind of crops in horticulture. By grafting your plants, you can extend the production period. On top of that, the quality of the production will be higher. With grafting your crop, the crop will be better resistant against plant diseases.

    Moreover, the root system will be better developed. In this way, the plant can easily absorb water and nutrition such as fertilizers. See below the difference between the various grafting clips. Royal Brinkman offers tomato clips, pepper clips, eggplant clips and many others as seen below. Make sure you get the one that fit your needs.

  • Clips for grafting cucumber, melon, and watermelon:
    PS1: for splice graft (Japanese grafting method)
    PS2: for approximation graft
    PS3: for approximation graft, available in 3 sizes
    PS6: for approximation grafting with stick slot, is a good substitute for grafting pegs
    PS7: for splice graft (Japanese grafting method)

  • Clips for grafting tomato, pepper, or eggplant:

    PT3: softer than standard clip with oval-shaped hole
    PT7: soft and flexible clip for universal climate use
    PT8: soft and flexible clip with stick slot and very smooth grip
    PT9: soft and flexible clip for universal climate use with ribbed grips for a better grip

Grafting clips for tomato, pepper and eggplant:

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Grafting clips for cucumber, melo and watermelon:

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Royal Brinkman knows how hard it is to make the right decision for your crop. To help you make the right choice, Royal Brinkman offers to send a sample of a selection of our products to our customers. A product sample enables you to check whether the products fit your needs before deciding to buy it.

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