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Ground Covers got your needs covered

Create the right growing conditions starting from the ground up

Royal Brinkman has ground covers in all shapes and sizes. These ground covers can be the solution to various problems you might face. Ground covers can be used to reflect light. In addition, it is possible to fight weeds by using a ground cover. During the crop rotation a ground cover is also very useful. For example, old plants or flowers are removed from the paths with the help of special ground covers. In the assortment contains ground cover plants and ground cover flowers. These ground covers are suited for nurseries, pot plants cultivation, flower cultivation and many other cultivations.

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Professional Ground Covers
  • PhormiSol 100 (g/m²) is a black ground cover with orange lines or squares with excellent weed resistance. This cover is mainly suitable for use inside the glasshouses.
  • PhormiSol 137 (g/m²) is a black ground cover that can be used both inside and outside (for example in tree nurseries, for pot plants and in strawberry cultivation). This strong ground covering sheet is marked with green lines (which run lengthwise) which simplifies efficient use of the surface.

Reflective Ground Covers
  • PhormiFlex is a fabric which has a high reflection level to gain the maximum benefit from the daylight and assimilation light. This strong, breathing, white ground covering sheet is suitable both for flower cultivation and vegetable cultivation.

Crop Clearance Fabrics

These 'pull out tarps' are ideal for clearing your crop during the crop rotation. Crop clearance fabrics are made to withstand the high tensile force of a crop shredder. The fabric is woven on the exact working width and not cut out from a wider fabric.

  • Green Trans White is highly reflective so it can remain a full year in light-sensitive crops. Green Trans White HF is suitable for fabrics with a length longer than 100 meters.

PhormiSol 100 & 137


Pull-Out Canvas

The Uses for Ground Cover

Ground Covers can have a variety of functions in the greenhouse:
  • To cover slopes
  • To cover shady areas
  • To cover hot and dry areas
  • To choke out weeds

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