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Hebo haltersHebo Halter sleeving unit

The Hebo Halter Super Power is specially developed for intensive use. In this version the horizontal insert position is reinforced by a powerful gas spring, which also enhances the clamping force. The halter head is closed for 50%.

 - By pulling the semicircular funnel upwards, the collar is pulled backwards, which creates an area on which the bundles of sleeves can be placed.
 - Tension springs are attached to the metal part of the collar, this ensures a firm grip on the sleeves-even with heavy weight bundles of sleeves.
 - The unit takes a variety of sleeves, please ensure that you select one of the recommended sizes for this unit

- Optimal clamping of (multiple) bundles of sleeves
- Optimal ease of inserting the sleeve bundles inside the Hebo Halter
- Improved hinge
- Very strong collar, made of impact resistant Kyde
- Various sizes available: 32, 38, 42, 60 and 75cm

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Different types of Hebo Halter Super Power:

- Hebo Halter Super Power 32 for 28 to 35 cm sleeves
- Hebo Halter Super Power 38 for 30 to 40 cm sleeves
- Hebo Halter Super Power 42 for 40 to 50 cm sleeves
- Hebo Halter Super Power 60 for 50 to 70 cm sleeves
- Hebo Halter Super Power 75 for 70 to 80 cm sleeves

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Gerard Wessteijn
Productspecialist Packaging & design 
+316 27 746 936

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