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Discover automatically driven spraying equipment – BeMatic Meto Spraying Robot

  • Do you experience viruses and bacteria in your greenhouse? In order to get rid of viruses and bacteria, you have to use chemicals. You can apply the chemicals manually. The drawbacks of manual application is an uneven distribution and a lot of physical labor. The solution for these problems is the BeMatic Meto Spraying Robot. Interested how you can get rid of viruses and bacteria and save labor at the same time? Discover now!

    Advantages at a glance

    ✔ Easy to use touchscreen
    ✔ Excellent uniform spraying quality
    ✔ Equipped with a manually operated lifting system to enable the trolley to be positioned properly.

    Discover the BeMatic Meto Spraying Robot now!

BeMatic Meto Spraying Robot

  • BeMatic Meto spraying robot is specially designed for automatic spraying of your crop. By automating your harvest proces, you stay ahead of regulations, increase quality, and save resources and man-hours. The BeMatic Meto is equipped with an automatic hose reel with a hose guide that gently winds and unrolls the transfer hose between the crop.

    BeMatic Meto spray robot can work both forward and backward with variable speed. You can also drive part of the way. The Spray Robot is equipped with two independently controlled stainless steel sprayers, one with forward-facing nozzles and one with side-facing nozzles. This allows additional processing of the greenhouse wall, which often requires treatment.

    The computer controlled machine can be easily controlled with the touch screen control panel. It has a clear menu that uses icons and can be operated by anyone. The status of important machine functions can also be read through the panel.


Save money with regular maintenance

Preventive maintenance can extend the life cycle of a machine and avoid downtime. Longer service life and less downtime mean significant cost savings. Therefore, for all these and other machines the same rule applies: "maintenance is crucial to keep machines safe in use and to avoid high repair costs".

Royal Brinkman offers you all the tools to perform and keep track of your maintenance. Hortispares is one of these tools. Hortispares is the online shop for spare parts for the horticultural sector. Visit hortispares.com for a range of more than 10,000 spare parts for the machines and installations used in your greenhouse. Hortispares brings all parts together in one place.

In addition, Royal Brinkman also offers a wide range of articles on maintenance in the knowledge centre.

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