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Organic fertilizers | Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Organic fertilizers enable environmentally friendly cultivation. Besides, organic fertilizers have many benefits for the crop itself. Royal Brinkman offers a large assortment of organic fertilizers, such as fertilizers with Skal certificate.  Are you interested in making use of organic fertilizers in your fertilization or would you like to have more information about the use of organic fertilizers? 


DCM Fertilizers

Skal certified (DCM, Fertiplus, Topmix)

Use of organic fertilizers

  • What are organic fertilizers?

    Organic fertilizers are basically of vegetal or animal origin, for example chicken manure. These fertilizers contain the nutrients' nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), which are made available to the plant by the soil life. Unlike inorganic fertilizers, these products additionally ensure an improvement of the soil life, which could indirectly lead to a healthier crop. 

  • What are the advantages of organic fertilizers?

    The usage of organic fertilizers has several advantages to the crop, the soil and the yield. Organic fertilizers are fully built from natural raw material, of vegetal or animal origin. Would you like to know more about organic fertilizers within professional cultivation? Our specialist wrote an article, which will tell you everything you need to know about organic fertilizers.

  • Assortment of organic fertilizers

    Organic fertilizers of different brands, such as DCM, Fertiplus and Topmix are offered in Royal Brinkman’s assortment. Besides organic elements, DCM’s fertilizers also contain additions to ensure a higher purity of the product. DCM products are available in micro granulates, which can be recommended for use in soil cultivations. Several liquid DCM products can be used in substrate cultivations. In contrast, Fertiplus and Topmix contain nothing but organic elements and are mainly used in soil cultivations, both inside the greenhouse as outside on the open fields.

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