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Priva | Create the perfect greenhouse climate with smart solutions

Priva supplies and produces sustainable and innovative solutions for greenhouse horticulture. The objective of all this is to ensure that the crop grows as efficiently as possible. With Priva systems, you can control the greenhouse climate, the amount of light in the greenhouse, the amount of CO2 and irrigation simply and entirely in your own way in both vegetable and ornamental horticulture.

Advantages of Priva:
Accurate greenhouse control
Smart (re-)use of water
Efficient labour
Sustainable use of energy

These systems contribute to the most precise possible control and management of cultivation with a view to minimising energy consumption and reusing water.

Priva process computers

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Priva registration systems

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  • Climate technology

    Four Priva Connext process computers were installed to control the climate of 28 cultivation departments separately. These Connext systems are responsible for controlling climate and water installations.
    The main computer of the Connext system also communicates with the Connext systems of the other Beekenkamp / Deliflor sites and the Energy Connext computers. In this way, the heat and electricity demand is matched to each other.
    The Priva Connext computer controls the nine water treatment systems installed by Royal Brinkman. This then controls the 66 ebb and flood tables, the ebb and flood floors and the 42 irrigation collars. 

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Priva process computers

A Priva process computer allows you to control and manage the climate, energy and water in the greenhouse simultaneously. After all, the right balance between these three components is important to stimulate crop growth and to minimise the use of energy and maximise the re-use of water. As a pot plant grower, you want your plants to reach the right size and quality, while as a vegetable grower, you want to achieve the right conditions for your crop. A favourable greenhouse climate is therefore essential to prevent diseases and pests, and ultimately, crop damage. In this regard, it is important that the various processes work together. The Priva Compact and Priva Connext offer the solution for creating the ideal greenhouse climate.  

Registration systems
Insight into production, labour and processes is important for managing the company as efficiently as possible. Priva's registration systems allow you to improve your employees' performance, make accurate forecasts and reduce labour costs. The Priva FS Performance provides you with a single solution that gives you insight and the ability to analyse labour and production.
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