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Smart Sensors Providing Real-Time Insights

Smart sensors in a greenhouse

Horticulture is becoming a precision science and nowadays data at crop level is indispensable. Using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you can closely follow the conditions of your crop using wireless sensors. This allows you to make better decisions based on real-time information and react more quickly to critical and pressing situations. Ultimately, you can increase productivity, reduce crop loss, and save valuable energy by integrating wireless sensors into your cultivation process.  

Royal Brinkman teamed up with 30MHz that makes smart sensing easy for horticulture. The easy installation of the sensors allows you to set up a wireless network in mere minutes.  

Subscribing to this service covers the running costs of hardware (sensors, connectors and routers) and development of the software. Once a member, you receive free access to the ZENSIE dashboard, a user-friendly interface, where you can display and manage all your data.  

The subscription costs vary depending on the number of connected sensors and their runtime. You can always start small and add more sensors over time. Unsure about which sensors to use? Read which smart sensors you can use to collect data here or contact one of our specialists.

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