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Monitoring and mass-trapping of flying insects is essential to avoid pests and diseases in your crop from getting out of control. Sticky traps are an easy tool to help you catch flying insects and monitor the level of plagues in your greenhouse. There are some differences in the sticky trap range. Sticky trap sheets are used to identify and count flying insects. The Sticky Trap rolls are used for mass-trapping of flying insects. 

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Sticky trap rolls

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Advantages of Sticky tape rolls:

 Made of high density polyethylene
 Can be used the whole season without losing its stickiness
 UV and water resistant
 Multiple sizes possible

Sticky trap rolls and sheets are available in blue and yellow. Yellow sticky tape is suitable to attract whiteflies, aphids, moths, leafhoppers and leafminers, while blue sticky tape is more effective against thrips.

Video - How to position the tape in a sticky trap holder

The application of sticky trap rolls is always a quite difficult job. Our sticky trap holders are convenient and easily adjustable to position the traps. Because of the special spring construction made of stainless steel, the clamping of the holders is optimal and retains its resiliency. The sticky tape can simply be slipped into the “paperclip-construction” of the holder.

The “paperclip” part of the holder has a length of 145mm. Because of the special stainless steel spring construction ensures that the clamping of the holders is optimal and retains its resiliency. It’s advised to attach the sticky trap holders at 450 to 500 cm distance (depending on the planting distance) to the wire or thread profiles. With this new variant it is even easier to secure your sticky tape and to keep the tape in its place.

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Identify plagues in an early stage by applying customized sticky traps between your crop!

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