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Service Engine

No more warnings or fines because your machine hasn’t been inspected? No more downtime? It’s all possible with the help of the Service Engine. Maintenance has to be done regularly, but is often procrastinated because it’s not seen as a priority and is easily forgotten in one of the other many activities to keep the nursery running. The result: downtime, malfunctions, unnecessary waiting times and costs. Royal Brinkman introduces its new and handy tool: the Service Engine. With this system, it is possible to monitor all service and maintenance tasks on your machines an equipment, but also communicate with your service engineers to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Export the service and maintenance history with ease to get an perfect insight in the whole service and maintenance department. 


GreentechThe Service Engine is a complete digital tool, which makes it possible To gain insight and organize all mandatory inspections, service and maintenance tasks (such as: preventive maintenance, reparations and malfunctions. The Service Engine offers a perfect overview of all service and maintenance tasks, which results in a longer lifespan of your machines and in more certainty for your company. Over time you also built up service and maintenance history on your machines and equipment. This data can help you make decisions whether to invest in new equipment, spare on expenses on service and maintenance and purchases of spare parts. 

Video: Service Engine Tool

Why the Service Engine?

 Preventive maintenance: machines always break down at the most unfavorable moments, preventive maintenance prevents it; 

Repairs: insight in the maintenance tasks inside your company, organizing and combining repairs and review the history for all your objects;

Malfunctions: broken window? Or a leaking irrigation line? All your employees can easily report malfunctions in the Service Engine tool. Your team, or the person responsible, immediately receive the task through a push notification.

All your brands and all types of machinery can be monitored in one tool. The Service Engine tool is available in multiple languages.
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  • What is included in the Service Engine?

    • Inventory of all relevant objects within the company;
    • Set up of the customer account;
    • Delivery and explanation of the Service Engine;
    • Updates regarding new functionalities and user-friendliness;
    • Service in terms of questions.

    In this video an impression and customer reviews on the handy tool are shown.

  • Service Engine at Schenkeveld Tomatoes

    Schenkeveld Tomaten is a customer of bQurius and outsources its Technical Service to this consultancy. They started setting up the Service Engine at the end of 2020. Since January, Van Balen has been working at full speed with the smart digital tool. “Due to the growth of the company, monitoring and measuring the maintenance activities play a greater role and the Service Engine is extremely suitable for this”. In addition, the Service Engine is excellent for file creation by the possibility to add various items, such as photos, files or even complete e-mails. All documentation is registered with a date and can be viewed clearly and at any time, on both the desktop and a mobile phone.

    "Our previous system for service and maintenance tasks was no longer adequate. We could only create tasks and check them off," says Richard Schenkeveld, tomato grower from Schipluiden, The Netherlands. "But with the increase in the number of machines and an increase in personnel, we were looking for more insight and overview. We were told about the Service Engine App and that is where the ball started rolling".

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Over 70 customers already tried the Service Engine

Currently, 70 customers are using Royal Brinkman’s Service Engine. Some examples of Dutch companies make use of the Service Engine are: Duijn Orchids, Ammerlaan & Sosef. Ter Laak, Kwekerij R Mooyman and Sion Orchids. The Service Engine can be used for all types of crops. Cultivation of flowers and plants as well as vegetable businesses. 

Besides Dutch growers, there are also several international growers using the Service Engine. Xclusive is a Uganda based grower and has been using the Service Engine for 1.5 years now. "Through Royal Brinkman, I joined the Service Engine. The reason we purchased the Service Engine is that we can easily monitor hundreds of machine/devices in a structured way. If this does not happen, management will have to intervene in time. The Service Engine records all maintenance on all equipment and includes engines / vehicles / tractors / trucks / cold stores / greenhouse shafts / pumps / sieving machines / air compressors / filtration equipment, etc. This makes the Service Engine versatile!"

"At Xclusive, one person is dedicated to creating all equipment as an individual input. Then the operator uploads on a regular basis the scanned and signed checklist and the action performed on each equipment. This also makes it easy for the inspector to verify service / repairs according to the maintenance schedule."

xclusive ammerlaan sosef
r mooyman

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