Submersible pumps, extra sharply priced!

Take advantage now! Submersible pumps of Royal Brinkman are temporarily extra sharply priced!


The promotion is valid for the following types of Lowara pumps: Diwa, Domo and Doc. These types are available with or without float switch.

DOC Submersible pumps (230 volts)
Submersible pumps for clean and slightly dirty water manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. Head up to 20 metres, delivery up to 420 l/min (25,2 m3/h). Four basic models with 0,55 to 1,5 kW. Diffuser plate coated with polyurethane for maximum resistance to abrasion.
 > Order the DOC 3SG (without float switch) for only €145,-*
 > Order the DOC 3A (with float switch) for only €150,-*

Domo pumpDomo Submersible pumps (230 volts)
The Domo Submersible pump is meant for: pumping of effluent. Emptying of septic tanks and residential sumps. Draining of flooded basements and garages. Not suitable for the combination of hot water (above 35 degrees) and a low pH (beneath 5,5) 
 >  Order the Domo 7SG (without float switch) for only €268,-*
 >  Order the Domo 7A (with float switch) for only €295,38*

Diwa pumpDiwa Submersible pumps (230 volts)
Draining of cellars, garages, basements and construction sites. Emptying of tanks and reservoirs. Lawn and garden irrigation. Pumping of domestic wastewater washing machines, showers, sinks. Emptying of tanks in industrial and ecological applications. 
 > Order the Diwa 5SG (without float switch) for only €300,-* 
 > Order the Diwa 5A (with float switch) for only €325,-*