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Bio chopper compact
Bio chopper compact The Bio Chopper Compact shreds crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries or raspberries. The crop volume is reduced to approximately 20% of it’s origin.
Shreds various horticultural crops
The crop volume is reduced to 20 %
Very large capacity (up to 13 000 m2/h)

Super twister
The Super Twister binding machine is designed for binding tomato plants in horticultural greenhouses. The crop is guided through a drum and wrapped with nylon rope, so that one long strand is formed. This strand can be rolled up using the Multiroller.
Developed for the removal of various substrates and crops
Equipped with a controlled drive away
Fast and multi-functional

AC E Roller

AC-E Roller Easy removal, placing, or replacement of AC foil, screen fabric, screen supporting wire or monofil. The AC-E Roller can also roll up the wire for pulling in the fabric, foil or polythene. The coiled material can easily be removed from the cone-shaped core. The tuberails fixation and the overload detection ensure a safe and stable operation of this machine.
Labour saving
Working rate of 3 minutes per section (200 m)
The rolled material is easy to remove

Bio Hopper XL
The Bio Hopper XL is an efficient machine for removing various horticultural materials such as rockwool, perlite, coir, slabs, tomato leaf, groundcover and various crops. The Bio Hopper rolls up the canvas on which the material is drawn to the machine. The material falls on a conveyor belt, which transports it into a (bunker) container or on the concrete path.
Appropriate for the printouts of various materials
Being dumped material on the concrete path.
The Bio XL hopper is ready-made delivered.

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