Royal Brinkman now global specialist in 7 themes

The new strategy adopted by Royal Brinkman transforms the organisation from ‘a one-stop-shop with more than 30,000 products’ into a company specialising in seven themes: crop rotation, crop care, crop protection & disinfection, packaging & design, mechanical equipment, technical projects and service products. Within these themes, Royal Brinkman aims to provide customers throughout the world with round-the-clock maximum service and to make their lives easier.

The global horticultural industry increasingly needs knowledge and advice in addition to top quality products. In order to adequately respond to this development, Royal Brinkman has restructured its organisation according to seven central themes. This will enable the company to perform even better in terms of meeting market requirements. The Crop Rotation segment, for example, now incorporates all products and services relating to the inevitably hectic process of crop rotation undertaken by horticultural companies. Within the themes new products and innovations are being developed in close collaboration with strategic partner-suppliers. In the coming weeks all seven themes will be presented by Royal Brinkman at the trade fairs IPM Essen and Fruit Logistica Berlin, as well as at the Horticulture Business Days in Gorinchem.

Royal Brinkman - Leaders in Horticulture

Royal Brinkman’s revised strategy provides for the company’s transformation into ‘leaders in horticulture’. One of its principal objectives is to establish a different way of thinking, away from being a Dutch organisation with export activities towards being a global horticultural contractor and supplier with strong local representation in the most important horticultural regions and countries around the world. For Royal Brinkman the year 2014 was a major turning point in terms of moving towards the future. From now on this originally Dutch company intends to approach the market by implementing an international vision and carrying out a corresponding mission. In order to remain viable in the future, the organisation will have to anticipate and respond to global changes that affect the horticultural industry, in which its priorities will include establishing subsidiaries in major horticultural regions worldwide and introducing international account management.

New balance
The strategy is very much customer-based: developing, building and maintaining strong customer relationships. The rapid emergence of e-business has led to a new commercial balance, and the Royal Brinkman webshop and online options for requesting offers are an important digital addition to the company's more traditional customer approach through stores and personal sales. Investments in ERP, webshop and logistical software applications are now being made to ensure that the new balance is maintained well into the future. Royal Brinkman has defined the following core values for all operations, both domestically and abroad: product/service availability - practical expertise - convenience - reliability of supply - operational reliability.

Drone delivery

Royal brinkman pays close attention to several developments. One of those developments is creating a short delivery time. To experience how useful this is in the field of horticulture.  Royal Brinkman has tested 30 minute delivery, products ordered in the Dutch webshop where delivered within 30 minutes by drone. 
Future fantasy or reality? Time will tell!

Video: Drone delivery at tomato nursery Van Heijningen Video: Drone delivery at chrysanthemum nursery Beyond