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Saltcom (salt tablets) (1000) 25kg

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Saltcom (salt tablets) (1000) 25kg

Item no. 956000258
pallet = 1000 kg
bag = 25 kg
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Saltcom salt tablets are of high and consistent quality. Use the softening salt, in the form of tablets, to soften water.

Calcium and magnesium ions provide hard water. Saltcom ensures that these ions are exchanged for sodium ions, softening the water and creating soft water.


Natrium chloride (NaCl)99,8%
Natrium (Na)39%
Water (H2O)<0,05%


Saltcom serves not only as a water softener, but also as a brine solution with which the water softener can be rinsed clean.

Physical features

 Form Round tablets Ø 25 x 17mm
 Color White


Saltcom salt tablets should be stored in a dry room.


Saltcom salt tablets are available in bags of 25 kg.

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