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Agia Lube Lical EP 2/3

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Agia Lube Lical EP 2/3

Item no. 083812391
box = 12 tube
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Lical EP 2/3 fat

AgiaLube Lical EP 2/3 is enhanced with special additives, which lasts longer than conventional fats for all purposes. Its exceptional adhesive properties make it resistant to all weather, water projection and even steam. Thanks to the various anti-rust components, this product ensures optimal rust protection.

For the chassis point, ball and cross couplings; reduces the number of aftermaths of commercial vehicles, earthmovers and agricultural machinery. Also for bearings that are subject to low speed and heavy loads at the same time, shock loads and bad weather conditions. Warning! due to its composition, agialube lical EP2-3 is definitely not recommended for high speed bearings.


  • Strongly adhering to metal surfaces
  • Excellent protection agains corrosion
  • The grease reduces the amount of lubrication and the consumption
  • Very good mechanical resistance to high loads (extreme pressure), friction and moisture.
  • Very good resistance to oxidation and wear

Technical data

ColourRedN.L.G.I. number2/3
StructureSmooth - stickyPenetrationTreated
Soap sortMixed soapViscosity base oilAt 40 ºC ASTM D 445 mm2/s (cSt) 220
Drip hole ASTM D566 ºC 180At 100 ºC 17.5
Water wax woodASTM D 1264 % 2.5 Bleeding tendencyASTM D 1742 % 2
Working temperatureºC -25 up to 130 Product classificationDIN 51825 KP2K-20
4-bullet welding test STM D2596 kg 260 60 beats ASTM D217 mm/10 25 ºC 245 - 270
100.000 beats  +5%
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