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Aerosol brake cleaner

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Aerosol brake cleaner

Item no. 880205628
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Spray can brake cleaner brakelane

For quick cleaning and degreasing during maintenance work. A quick and effective removal of soot, fat, brake fluid and oily wear waste. Does not leave any residues and is well-tolerant to lacquers, plastics, sealings and rubber.


  • Quick evaporation and excellent cleaning
  • Acetone-free


Do not spray warm parts. Before use, rubber, plastic parts and lacquered surfaces must be tested on tolerance at an invisible location.

Technical information

Content500 mlHazard classAl
ContainerSpray canAOX-freeYes
Chemical basisNaphtaSilicon-freeYes
ScentSolvent-likeWeight of content355 gram
ColorColorlessDensity0.715 g/cm³
Minimum flashpoint21 °C


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