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Textile Coat 250 ml

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Textile Coat 250 ml

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Textile Coat Exterior (TCE) is a nanotechnology based coating which protects and seals in one treatment. The TCE provides a protective layer against water and dirt, as a result the treated material maintains its look and functionality.

Useful for various types of surfaces like; shoes, ties, jackets, cotton, polyester, blended fabrics, leather, covers, pillows, furniture, carpet etc.


  • Protects against aging
  • Dirt no longer adheres to the surface and can be removed easily with water
  • Less maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy application


  • Textiles
  • Leather
  • Mixed fabrics
  • Polyester

Main features

  • Treated parts are well protected against the adhesion of dirt
  • Treated products are well protected against the effects of water
  • UV filter prevents discoloration
  • Product is silicone free
  • The applied nano layer provides a very long lasting protection against pollution
  • Processing advice The products to be treated must be free of contaminants. Apply TCE preferably to new substances.


  • TCE should be applied by spraying or atomization. The tissue, especially at the seams, should be fully injected
  • Allow surface to dry approximately 45 minutes
  • Repeat the treatment after drying for optimum results

Colour and Shine

  • White
  • Dries colourless (no cover)
  • Invisible

Keep tightly closed.

Textile consumption is approximately 48-64 m² per litre*
*This indicated consumption is a reference value. Depending on the nature of the surface and the processing it may vary. Exact values can only by determined per project through plots.

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