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AZ-chalk 10kg

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AZ-chalk 10kg

Item no. 446100871
bag = 10 kg
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AZ-Chalk is a mild chalk fertilizer enriched with microorganisms. The use of chalk is important for a correction of the acidity ( pH-value) in the lawn. The correct pH value of the soil is vital for every plant.

Among other things, the absorption of nutrients acidifies the soil. Many plants, except the acid-loving ones, do not grow optimally in soil with a low pH value.

It is important to determine the acidity (pH value) of the soil in advance in order to apply the correct liming; not too much but also not too little.


  • Improves the soil structure;
  • 100% dust-free; easy to apply;
  • High acidity correcting value with an immediate and long-term effect;
  • Ensures good absorption of the nutrients;
  • Micro pellet with a neutral color.


AZ-Chalk can be applied under all weather conditions, without risk of burning, and combines well with the ECOstyle fertilizers. It can be spread both by hand and with a spreader. Avoid spilling on hard surfaces, an excess of granules can cause slipperiness.


Sprinkle AZ-Chalk evenly over the root area of the plant or surface to be tended. The amount and number of times sprinkled per year depend on the acidity of the soil and the needs of the plant.

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