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AZ-Lawn 10kg

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AZ-Lawn 10kg

Item no. 446100919
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Gazon-AZ is a fertilizer specially developed for the lawn, enriched with the RhizaMax® root activator, which ensures a nine times greater root range.

Gazon-AZ is a 100% natural lawn fertilizer, with the addition of various micro-organisms that promote soil life immediately after spreading.

Gazon-AZ provides nutrition for at least 4 months.


  • Ideal for your lawn fertilization;
  • 100% natural fertilizer;
  • No impact on the environment and surface water;
  • Increased resistance of the lawn to weather;
  • Enlargement of the root system;
  • Fast recovery after damage;
  • Indirect effect against moss and moss formation;
  • Less GFT waste.


Remarkable are the results of the cellulose-degrading microorganisms. These remain present in the upper layer of the soil and break down, under optimal conditions, in 2 days dead organic material, such as moss residues and grass clippings.

This means that you can leave the grass cuttings. This results in less garden waste and also serves as additional lawn fertilizer. After decomposition, this grass waste again serves as food for the soil life of the lawn. This closes the organic cycle again.


Distribute Gazon-AZ evenly over the lawn. Spraying is not necessary, but it accelerates the effect. In order to obtain a good distribution with manual spreading, it is advisable to divide Gazon-AZ crosswise into two spreading rounds.


  • Grass requires a soil with an acidity level (pH) of 5.5 - 6.5.
  • AZ-Lime prevents acidification. Lawn-AZ and AZ-Kalk can be used at the same time without any problems.
  • Laying turf: Spread half a dose of Gazon-AZ before and half a dose after laying the turf.
  • Sowing grass: Gazon-AZ and Graszaad-Inzaai can be sprinkled at the same time.
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