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Buxus growth package (5) 2kg

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Buxus growth package (5) 2kg

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Buxus growth package, with its dark green leaves, is an ornament in the garden all year round. The Buxus growth package is a total package for the care of buxus in the pot and in the garden.

It contains a 100% organic buxus fertilizer, lime and a practical guide for planting and maintaining buxus. This 100% organic fertilizer is enriched with micro-organisms, including Mycorrhiza fungi. These contribute to a good soil structure and soil life. This is very important for a healthy root system and vigorous growth.

Lime Buxus requires a lime rich soil with an acidity (pH) > 6.0. Lime increases the acidity of the soil. Lime is rich in calcium and magnesium.



 General dosage 800 grams for ca. 6-10 plants
 Solitary buxus 40 grams per plant or 100 grams per m2
 Hedges 50 grams per meter
 Fertilization within a pot 3x a year according to the dosage on the label
 Fertilization within the garden 2x a year according to the dosage on the label 


Sprinkle the fertilizer and lime around the buxus and then rake it in lightly. Watering is not necessary, but does speed up the effect.

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