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Conifers-AZ (5) 2kg

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Conifers-AZ (5) 2kg

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Conifers-AZ is a specific, 100% natural fertilizer for the shrub group.

Shrubs need extra magnesium and trace elements, which can be found in abundance in Conifers-AZ. These are important elements for healthy growth and a deep green color.

Conifers-AZ also contains added soil fungi, which are indispensable for the proper development of hedges. The added RhizaMax® root activator contributes to a healthy root system. This reduces the failure rate of new hedges to a minimum.


  • 100% natural product;
  • No risk of burning;
  • Applicable all year long under all weather conditions;
  • Safe for children, (domestic) animals and friends in the garden;
  • For 4 months of nutrition;
  • Enriched with microorganisms.


Spread Conifers-AZ evenly over the root area of the plant and then rake it in lightly. Spraying is not necessary, but does speed up the effect. Fertilizing twice a year is sufficient for a beautiful result.


 Small hedges appr. 50 grams per plant
 Large hedges appr. 80 grams per plant
 For appr. 25 plants 1 kg
 For appr. 50 plants 2 kg 

Fertilize 2x per year, according to the indicated dosage, for optimal results.

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