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Black Hawk Kite - scarecrow

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Black Hawk Kite - scarecrow

Item no. W00000524
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Scarecrow for chasing away ducks, geese, crowds, starlings, pigeons, blackbirds and songbirds in both agricultural and urban areas. Detailed, realistic fake falcon. This scarecrow flies almost twice as high as the post. It uses the instinctive flight behavior of animals by a falcon. Very effective and quiet. This scarecrow you can quickly set up at no extra cost.


• Moves, climbs and dives like a real falcon.
• Flies automatically, even with a little wind.
• Standard with 7 meters glass fiber pole; flies up to 12 meters high.
• Also available with 13 meter aluminum pole; flies up to 25 meters high..

Protects: agricultural crops, urban areas, buildings, terraces, roofs, allotments, orchards, vegetable gardens, lawn, lawns, lawns, parking lots, gardens, garbage fields, etc...

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