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Gardena Broes 18315-20

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Gardena Broes 18315-20

Item no. 361009551
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The Gardena rose has 5 different types of jets for spraying your garden or clean, for example, the stone on your terrace. Changing the jet is easily done by turning the rose head. The jet is also Infinitely adjustable.

What is the item suitable for?
The multifunctional rose has different settings, for different purposes.

  1. The rose jet is suitable for irrigating vulnerable plants and flowers in a reasonably large area
  2. The perlator jet is a soft jet that comes from the rose into a certain direction. This jet is suitable for irrigating plant troughs and flower beds.

The advantages:

  • The spray gun has an ergonomically shaped hand grip with soft rip comfortable operation.
  • You can keep pressing the spout yourself or set it to the position you desire.
  • The jet is manual, but can easily be adjusted by twisting the head of the gun.
  • The gun is protected against damage by the soft plastic protective strip.

The most important specifications:

  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Water jet shape: rose jet, perlator jet, spray jet, cleaning jet and flat jet.
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