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Mouse trap Topsnap

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Mouse trap Topsnap

Item no. 360421170
box = 25 piece(s)
pallet = 16 box
pallet = 400 piece(s)
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It is important to control mice infestation at an early stage in order to avoid proliferation of mice as well as damage and contamination.
The topsnap-trap is made out of high-quality stainless steel and solid plastic. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanism, the trap is very user-friendly and efficient for the control of mice in indoor-areas.


Positioning the topsnap-trap

- In case of suspected mice presence or clear signs of rodent activity place topsnap in infested area.
- For highest possible success of catches, place topsnap along pathways of mice so that the entrances are in line with walls or other objects, as mice do not move across open areas.
- Different factors influence the time span until a successful catch. For a successful catch leave the topsnap-trap unchanged for a few days until a mouse is caught.

Baiting the topsnap-trap

- Baiting the topsnap-trap is not mandatory. In rooms with no food sources, curiosity and the need for protection attract the mice into the trap.
- If alternative food sources are available in the surroundings of the trap, successful entrapment can be increased by using bait. To increase the chances of catching mice, alternative food sources must be removed or securely packaged.
- Suitable bait are nuts, raisins, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate/nut spread, cereal products etc. or commercially available mouse bait. It is advisable to replace or exchange the bait regularly.
1. Please check if the trap is deactivated before baiting
2. Remove the top cover by pressing the pressure tongues on both sides of the trap
3. Place the bait into the bait cup
4. Replace the top cover

Activating the topsnap-trap
1. Take hold of the clamping levers and simultaneously pull back slowly as far as they will go. The strike bars will lock firmly into place with a click.
2. Bring back the clamping levers into their original position.
=> The trap is now activated.

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