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421250585 Elect galv chipboard screw 4,5x15pz
421250836 Elect galv chipboard screw 5x30 pz
421115203 Elect galvanized spedec 3,9x13mm superteks
421115211 Elect galvanized spedec 3,9x19mm superteks
421115009 Elect galvanized spedec 4,8x13mm superteks
421115017 Elect galvanized spedec 4,8x19mm superteks
421114983 Elect galvanized spedec 4,8x25mm superteks
421114959 Elect galvanized spedec 4,8x50mm superteks
421115025 Elect galvanized spedec 6,3x19mm superteks
421115033 Elect galvanized spedec 6,3x25mm superteks
421115041 Elect galvanized spedec 6,3x38mm superteks
421115076 Elect galvanized spedec 6,3x70mm superteks
421320061 Parkers 4,2 x 16 abn crosshead galvanised
421320117 Parkers 4,2 x 19 abn crosshead galvanised
421320141 Parkers 4,2 x 25 abn crosshead galvanised
421320176 Parkers 4,2 x 32 abn crosshead galvanised
421320214 Parkers 4,2 x 38 abn crosshead galvanised
061042382 Self drilling tapping screw DR 4.2x38 e
061042161 Self drilling tapping screw SQ DR 4.2x
061042137 Self drilling tapping screw SQ DR 4.2x1
061042251 Self drilling tapping screw SQ DR 4.2x2
061048501 Self drilling tapping screw SQ DR 4.8x5
061035131 Self-dr.cylinder head SQ DR 3.5x13 elvz
061048259 Selfdr. CK SQ DR VZ 4,8x25
061042196 Selfdr. Ck SQ galv wire 4,2x19
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