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Ferm airbrush siphon cup

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Ferm airbrush siphon cup

Item no. 410601802
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This FERM ATM1040 paint sprayer with bottom cup is very versatile in use thanks to its many applications. From fence to car and from boat to garden set, even the facade of a house can get a whole new look! This pneumatic paint gun comes with a universal DIN/Orion coupling and an air hose and is easy to connect to any compressor.

What is this product suitable for?
The paint gun can be connected to a compressor and is very suitable for spraying different materials/objects.

  • Sheet material of the car
  • Metal garden fence
  • Wooden fences
  • Furniture
  • Facade of a house
  • Machines

The most important advantages of the FERM paint sprayer:

  • Large container capacity: 750cc
  • Quick and easy to refill
  • Easy to use thanks to the easy-to-adjust spray pattern and adjustable spray supply
  • Light weight for long-lasting working comfort

The most important specifications of the paint gun:

  • Working pressure: 4.5 - 6 bar
  • Nozzle diameter: 1.5mm
  • Max. flow rate: 6cfm
  • Capacity container: 750cc
  • Weight: 0.65 kg
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