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TE-HA 2000 E Hot air gun

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TE-HA 2000 E Hot air gun

Item no. 346100011
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  • Large setting wheel for temperature control in 9 positions
  • Switch for setting the air throughput (3 positions)
  • Cooling function for quick nozzle changes
  • Stable base, also suitable for stationary applications
  • Including reducer, reflector, spray nozzle, wide nozzle
  • Delivery in practical transport / storage case

Technical data

Mains connection 220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power 2000 W 
Temperature at setting 150 °C
Temperature at setting 250-550 °C 
Temperature at setting 350-550 °C 
Airflow at setting 1250 L/min 
Airflow at setting 2250 L/min 
Airflow at setting 3500 L/min

Detailed description

The Einhell TE-HA 2000 E is a high quality paint burner, which can be used for a wide range of activities. Think for example of removing old lacquer and paint, soldering or plastic tubes. With the adjustable temperature and airflow a high degree of flexibility is offered. This paint burner is equipped with a powerful 2000 W motor, which makes it possible to achieve optimal results in different activities.

The powerful motor makes it possible to deliver a temperature up to 550° Celsius. In order to seamlessly match the temperature of the hot air gun to the job you are about to do, you can choose from nine different temperature settings via a large setting wheel on the machine. In addition to the airflow temperature, the airflow itself can also be adjusted to the three settings via a handy switch.

In order to change attachments quickly, the machine has a cool air setting, which cools down the hot metal of the machine quickly. The machine is equipped with a large support, which allows the paint burner to remain safe and stable. It is also possible to let the machine rest in this position for maximum safety when using the paint burner.

Various accessories are supplied with the paint burner as standard, so that the machine can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, use the supplied wide attachment, a reflective attachment, a heat attachment or an adapter.  The machine comes in a handy transport and storage case, so you can safely store the paint burner after use.

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