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TE-JS 18 Li Solo Cordless Jigsaw, Power X-Change

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TE-JS 18 Li Solo Cordless Jigsaw, Power X-Change

Item no. 346100006
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  • Part of the Power-X-Change product line
  • Very precise sawing thanks to very smooth operation
  • Selectable pendulum action for fast sawing
  • Universal saw blade intake
  • Blow function included for optimum visibility
  • LED light for workpiece illumination
  • Integrated plastic sliding element for fragile workpieces
  • Additional cutting line guide for precise cutting
  • Including chip shielding
  • Supplied without battery and charger

Technical data

Number of beats per minute2400 min^-1
Stroke height 25.4 mm
Cutting depth in Wood80 mm
Cutting depth in Plastic12 mm
Cutting depth in steel 10 mm
Max. Mitre cut47 °
Tool-less saw blade change Yes

Detailed description

The TE-JS 18 Li Solo is a powerful cordless jigsaw that can be used for versatile sawing jobs. Use it in your home, garage or workshop, for example. With the adjustable pendulum stroke and the very quiet running of the machine, making fast, precise cuts is very easy. Thanks to the universal saw blade holder on the machine, it is possible to change a saw blade without the use of external tools. The saw blade in the machine offers a cutting depth of 80, 12 and 10 mm in wood, plastic and steel respectively. When adjusting the pendulum stroke, you have a choice of four different positions: none, small, medium and high.

The integrated dust blow-off function ensures that you have a good view of the material being worked with while using the machine. In order to work safely, the machine is equipped with an LED light, which shines on the cutting area of the machine. Thanks to the integrated plastic sliding insert, sensitive workpieces are spared when using the machine. It also protects materials from chip chipping during cuts without cracking. This jigsaw makes it possible to make mitre cuts up to an angle of 47° degrees to the left and right. In order to be able to make very precise cuts with this jigsaw, the machine is equipped with an extra push-on indication of the cutting length.

This Accu Jigsaw works on a powerful 18 V rechargeable battery from the Power-X-Change product line. This battery has three handy LEDs, which give you an indication of the filling level of the battery. The battery is available in different mAh. The battery is not included with the machine. If you already have tools from the Power-X-Change product line, you can use the same batteries and charger for this Battery Jigsaw. Due to the technical possibilities of nowadays with lithium-ion batteries, Einhell has also developed a complete product line where the batteries are interchangeable. Within this Power-X-Change product line you can use one and the same battery in different machines. For example with the battery of the screwdriver just as quickly trimming the grass edges, even charging USB products, everything is possible.

You can buy almost all articles from the Power-X-Change product line as a "KIT" version (Including battery and charger). If you already have a Power-X-Change battery, this will save you a lot of money. Because Einhell itself has developed an intelligent battery system, you can continue to use your existing batteries with future Einhell machines. This saves you money in your wallet. Charging the battery for this Battery Jigsaw is fast, with the Einhell Power-X-Change 18 V quick charger. The charger is not included with the machine.

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