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The department "Service products" includes all other (shop) items in the assortment of Royal Brinkman. The theme "Service products" includes all items that do not directly affect the growth of your crop, but you are required in your daily business, such as clothing and footwear, safety equipment, paint and accessories, maintenance items, canteen goods, hardware and tool. These items can be picked up in stores, or ordered by phone or online shop.

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Team Service Articles

 Hans van Dongen
Productmanager Service articles 
06 - 27 746 927   
 Silvia van der Caaij
Productspecialist Service articles 
0174 - 446 365 
 Wim van Velden
Productspecialist Service articles
06 - 27 746 935
 Dick Vogelaar
Buyer Service articles
0174 - 446 339

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