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About Eef Zwinkels 

Productspecialist DryGair

  • Eef Zwinkels is our technical account manager and the person to contact if you need advice or have questions about humidity or moisture problems in the greenhouse. Within Royal Brinkman Eef focuses on the feasibility and fitting of DryGair dehumidifying units and will gladly share his knowledge on sustainable growing techniques with you.  

    Eef has extensive experience in climate and water technology in the greenhouse. He started his career in the horticultural sector as a tomato grower, then worked as a technical salesman in water technology and in 2014 he moved to Royal Brinkman. With this experience as a grower and his extensive knowledge of DryGair in all kinds of cultivation systems, Eef can offer customers complete and personal advice. He can answer all your questions about moisture problems in the greenhouse, such as air movement, excessive humidity and control of fungal diseases.  

    Eef is methodical, organised and honest. He likes to visit a company to see the situation for himself so that he can give tailored advice that can be used directly. In this way, the client receives clear and expert information with specific attention to details.

  • You can contact him with any questions about moisture problems in the greenhouse, such as questions about air movement, excessive humidity and combating fungal diseases. Eef is structural, orderly and honest. He is happy to make an appointment with the client to orientate himself on the situation on site, so that he can provide tailor-made advice that the client can use to get to work. In this way, the client receives clear and expert advice with attention to the specifics.

  • Please contact Eef Zwinkels

      Call Eef on +31 174 - 446 277
    Eef can be reached by phone every working day from 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

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      Eef works in The Netherlands
    and speaks Dutch, German and English.


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