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String tensioner black 12000

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String tensioner black 12000

Item no. 792030208
box = 12000 piece(s)
pallet = 50 box
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By using the Bato String Tensioner, damage to plants or fruits is history. The problem of sagging crop wires or hanging plants in the rows is easily solved with the Bato String Tensioner. It can be applied easily and quickly and saves at lot of time. The Bato String Tensioner is made of black biodegradable material.The Bato String Tensioner has many advantages:

  • it diminishes damage to plants and fruits,
  • it prevents problems with sagging strings, hanging plants or stems,
  • orderly arranged row of plants,
  • biodegradable material,
  • quickly and easily appliable compared to the traditional way,
  • appliable from the ground off, so no need for harvest trolleys
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