Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies 

Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies has been developing cutting edge nanotechnology coatings for products and materials in different market segments for the past 15 years. The product portfolio is based on innovative nanotechnology specifically designed to be easily applied and to extend the life of different surfaces.

The environmentally friendly and biodegradable coatings are easy to apply and aimed at reducing costs and maintenance efforts. After application of the coatings the treated materials and surfaces can be cleaned in a more efficient manner.
Based on nanotechnology

Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies produces coatings based on nanotechnology.
Using nanotechnology the coatings are defined by excellent water and dirt repellent features and are durable and colour protective. 
Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies has developed different product coatings for different surfaces to obtain optimum results. The coatings can be applied on (stainless)steel, aluminium, wood, glass, polyester, leather and textile. Please visit our product page for more information.