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Systemsoft CV vat (200 kg)

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Systemsoft CV vat (200 kg)

Item no. 181801343
liter = 1,13 kg
barrel = 200 kg
barrel = 177 liter
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Systemsoft CV is a complete water treatment product for the treatment of closed heating systems, such as district heating systems and heating systems in greenhouse horticulture (not FDA approved = not applicable in the food industry). Systemsoft CV is not suitable for use in systems containing components or equipment made of aluminium. To complement optimal water treatment in a closed heating system, it is also recommended to soften the supplemental water.

Systemsoft CV stabilises the pH value of the heating water at a value between 9 and 10. In addition, Systemsoft CV stabilises the hardness present and has a dispersing, cleaning effect on pollution already present in the system. This dispersed pollution must be removed from the system by means of partial flow filtration. Corrosion protection is provided by metal passivation.

Physical properties

Appearance Dark brown substance
pH (undiluted) 11.5 to 12.5
Density (20ºC) 1.13 kg/l


Systemsoft CV dosing depends on the degree of contamination in a system. The basic dosage for softened water is 500-1000 g per m3 system volume, per 1odH in the central heating water 250 gr of Systemsoft CV per m3 system volume must be added. Systemsoft CV is consumed by the degree of contamination in the central heating system. A correct Systemsoft CV dosage can be adjusted by determining the pH (between 9.5 and 10) and the phosphate content (20-40 ppm) in the heating water.


Systemsoft CV is alkaline and must be treated with care. Wear safety goggles and chemical resistant gloves at all times (always wear these when working with chemicals). Systemsoft CV is corrosive to the skin and eyes, so wear protective clothing, shoes and face protection. In case of eye and skin contact, wash abundantly and rinse with plenty of water (eyes).

See the SDS sheet for more information.


Systemsoft CV is available in:

  • Cans of 20 kg
  • Barrels of 200 kg
  • IBCs/boxes of 1000 kg
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