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Drainage Hoses

Drainage hoses, or drainage tubes, are often used in horticulture to drain excess water to a collection point. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of drainage hoses.
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Drainage hoses in horticulture

Water recycling has become much more important in professional greenhouse horticulture. It is therefore important that the drainage system functions properly. Drainage is of great importance for the growth of crops. A drainage hose is usually laid under the surface. Drainage hoses have various applications, such as preventing flooding, improving the soil structure, roadside and road drainage, soil remediation and groundwater control.

Buy drainage hose

At Royal Brinkman you can buy two types of drainage hoses: drainflex without and with casing. The casing of the drainage hose ensures that no dirt gets into the hose, so that it cannot get clogged. A drainage hose with casing has a filtering effect, increases the circumference of the tube, prevents soil ingress into the drain tube, promotes the flow of groundwater and reduces the risk of damage during transport and the installation of drainage hoses. In addition to the drainage hoses, you can also go to a ground well where the drainage water can be collected.
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