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Drip Irrigation Systems

A drip system, or the irrigation system of the greenhouse, has a major influence on the irrigation of a crop. Drip irrigation is used to drip water into the plants in combination with crop protection agents and fertilisers. The drip system is important to give the right amount of water, fertilizers and crop protection agents to the crop. Royal Brinkman offers a broad range products for drip systems for professional horticulture. 
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What is a drip irrigation system?

A drip irrigation system is the most efficient water and nutrient system for growing crops. It delivers water and nutrients in the right amount and at the right time to the plant's root zone. As a result, each plant gets what it needs and when it needs it to grow optimally. A drip irrigation system allows growers to produce higher yields while saving on water, fertilizer and energy.  

How does a drip system work? 

A drip system delivers water in small droplets to the crop. This causes the water to drip slowly into the soil near the root zone of the plant. In this way, the moisture content is kept optimal which improves the productivity and quality of the plants. Each dropper emits droplets containing water and fertilizer, resulting in the even delivery of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant. 

How efficient is drip irrigation? 

Drip irrigation is known as the most efficient irrigation method with 95-100% water use efficiency. This compares to sprinkler systems that have 80-85% water use efficiency. Efficiency is related to the effectiveness of the system on crop performance and ultimately on grower yield and profitability.

Drip systems for professional horticulture

At Royal Brinkman you will find a complete drip irrigation system from Netafim to water the crop through drip irrigation. A drip system consists of a system of pipes, including water pipes, drip hoses and drip heads. If you choose a drip irrigation system, you have a choice of three different systems: capillary, labyrinth or an inline system. Depending on the desired output, choose one of these drip systems.
Next, choose the drip hoses and drippers. A drip tube provides an even water flow in the crop. However, each crop has different needs. Therefore, when choosing the right drip tube, you must consider a number of factors, such as color, diameter, punch spacing and type of dripper. A dripper is the element or tube used to dispense water to the plant.
The choice of a dripper depends on several factors: crop, bed length, number of drops per meter and desired water flow. Not every dripper can be combined with every Drip Hose. In addition to the drip tube and the dripper, you also need to choose a sampler. This sampler determines the location of the water supply. It is therefore important that you get good advice on the right drip system in combination with the right drip tube, dripper and drip stop.

Why is a drip irrigation system better for plants? 

Crops grow better with a constant and balanced supply of water. With drip irrigation, water and nutrients are applied in a regular manner and in a small dose, creating optimal growing conditions and increasing the likelihood of the highest possible yield. Plants are more productive with drip irrigation because: 
  • Higher water and nutrient availability; The amount of water and nutrients are matched to the developmental needs of the plant; 
  • No saturation and good aeration of the soil; 
  • Avoids high salinity caused by excessive fertilization; 
  • No wetting of foliage which can lead to fungal diseases.

Cleaning of drip systems

Contamination can occur in a drip system, allowing germs and algae to spread, resulting in a biofilm in the drip system. Therefore it is important to clean the drip system regularly. You can clean the system both during cultivation and after cultivation.

What is the best greenhouse watering system?

Let's quickly go over the important points. Drip irrigation is generally preferred because the water comes from below. They are superior in terms of water management and precision in watering. The drip system can be used for a variety of purposes. Consider the drip system if you are looking for a solution that can be scaled to any size. Water is wasted when plants are watered from above, and it can (but doesn't have to) cause plant diseases or pests.
The trick is to choose the right irrigation system for your greenhouse, and there is always one that will meet your needs. You need to be realistic about the size of your greenhouse, the plants you can grow, and how much an irrigation system will cost you.

Buying a drip system

There are many different options involved in purchasing a complete greenhouse irrigation system. You should therefore always get good advice from a specialist, so that the drip system is completely in line with your situation. Would you like to buy a new drip system or would you like personal advice about a drip system for professional horticulture? Then please contact one of our specialists. They will gladly advise you about the possibilities and help you to make the right choice for a drip system.

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