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Drip Systems

A drip system, or a watering system, has a major influence on the irrigation of a crop. Drip irrigation is used to drip water into the plants in combination with crop protection agents and fertilisers. The drip system is important to give the right amount of water, fertilizers and crop protection agents to the crop.

Choosing a drip system

When you choose to water via a drip system, you can distinguish between three different systems: capillary system, labyrinth system or an inline system. The differences between these three systems are mainly in the desired water delivery.

Complete drip systems

A drip system consists of a system of pipes, including water pipes, drip hoses and drip heads. A drip hose ensures equal water delivery within the crop. However, every crop has a different need. Therefore, a number of factors should be taken into account when choosing the right irrigation tube. A dripper is the element or tube that doses the water at the plant. The choice of a dripper also depends on various factors: cultivation, bed length, number of drops per meter and desired water delivery. Not every dripper can be combined with every drip tube.

Cleaning drip systems

In a drip system pollution can occur, causing germs and algae to spread, resulting in a biofilm in the drip system. Therefore it is important to clean the drip system regularly. You can clean the system during cultivation as well as after cultivation.

Various type of fans

Do you want to buy new fans for your greenhouse? Royal Brinkman has several fans in its range. From the Priva ECOFAN+ fan to a steam fan, our specialists will be happy to help you to create the right air movement in your greenhouse.

Consequences of lack of air movement

The lack of air movement causes temperature differences in your greenhouse. This causes, among other things, poor moisture removal and reduced evaporation. This has a negative influence on the crop. More and more growers are looking for techniques to create air movement. With the right fans you stimulate evaporation and limit the moisture problem.

More information

Do you have any questions about creating air movement, or would you like advice when buying fans? Please feel free to contact one of our product specialists

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