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Drip Systems

  • What kind of drippers are available?

    A dripper is an element or capillary hose that doses the water to the plant. In general, there are three kind of drippers: capillary drippers, labyrinth drippers and pressure compensated and self-closing drippers.

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  • Cleaning the drip system after cultivation

    The drip system provides your crop with just the right amount of water. Contamination of the drip system because of water spreading pathogens/germs and algae can cause a biofilm to develop in the drip system.

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  • Cleaning the drip system during cultivation

    While inspecting the dripper system, contamination can be noted. Drip system contamination negatively affects water delivery and, with that, the crops. Therefore the drip system needs to be cleaned in case of contamination. You can do this during as well as after cultivation.

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